Our construction process

At Weimer Construction we believe you shouldn’t have to put
your life on hold for construction. Our simple yet effective
process makes construction easier than ever before!

1. Contact

Once we receive contact from our website, an email, phone call or other, we schedule an initial meeting to establish the scope of the project.

The initial meeting will be at the Weimer Construction, Inc. office and include one or two of the Weimer staff.

2. Meet

In our meeting we will establish a design concept, talk about budget, and touch on specifics. A Pinterest board will be set up on the Weimer account and populated by both the future homeowners as well as the Weimer staff.
At this point in the process we ask that you supply us with three lists:

  1. Need List – a list of the items that are an absolute necessity. Deal killers. Gotta haves.
  2. Want List – A list of the things you really do want in your new home but might not be deal killers. Maybe things we can live without if need be.
  3. Wish List – A list of items we wish we can have, would really love to have but do not expect to have.

Our design is aided by the 3 lists. Knowing what is needed, desired, and wished for is truly a great aid in the design of your home.

3. Plan and Create

Once a design concept is established a Preliminary Design & Guesstimate will be created that includes a basic floor plan, a simple front elevation, and an educated guesstimate as to the expense of the build and the possible timeframe of the build.

The Design Agreement will be entered into and will state the duration of the design phase. Upon completion of the design phase a buildable plan will be presented along with accompanying specifications, a Home Construction Agreement, and a final estimate.

4. Construction

Once the Design Agreement is entered the construction schedule will be established.

We use Buildertrend Construction Software. Buildertrend gives homeowners a portal that will allow you to view the schedule, financials, change orders, payments, and other aspects of the project.

5. Completion and Warranty

When the project is deemed to be substantially complete, a walkthrough will be scheduled between the homeowners and a representative of Weimer Construction, Inc. Anything listed as needing attention after the walkthrough will be remedied in a timely fashion.

During the 12-month warranty period there will be three scheduled walkthroughs: 30 days, 6 months, and 12 months.